Tips on How to Publish Your Journal Paper

It is not the easiest task to get published. You may need to waste few months to reach the top. Just learn few tips that will make your life easier and try to relax.

Get a review

First of all, you should remember the tip about rushing. It is just no good to rush when you want to be published. Just forget about any reviews of some good editors until you review your draft by yourself. Besides that, you can always ask some friend to help you and look on your paper with his fresh pair of eyes. You can try even two people. One of them knows nothing about your topic while another one is familiar with it. With that trick, you will get your best review and feedback. It is the very common thing for different writers to read papers of each other.

Send your manuscript to the right journal

So, here is the moment for you to send your manuscript. First of all, you should learn about the theme and background of the journal you want to cooperate. If your paper is not fitting their topic, you will get your reject. So, do not waste your time and learn the background. Also, you should not ask them for a simple review. They just don’t want to do that and waste their time.

Write a cover letter

It is very good idea for you to write your cover letter. It should be simple and informative at the same time. You should tell the journal why you chose them to publish your paper. Also, you can attach some reviews for your article to the letter.

Be clam

You should be realistic about the publishing case. Most of the papers are rejected right at the first try. It is not the sign to give up. It is very typical and absolutely normal. Some wise people say that you will not get a hundred publications until you get you got hundreds of rejections. More than a half of papers are rejected at the first time. Just accept it and relax. But, you need to understand that your paper should become better after each rejection you get.

Read the reviews carefully

You can face few main types of reactions on your paper.

First one is simple to reject with no explanation and further steps.

Also, they can accept it immediately. But it is very rare case.

The journal can ask you to make a revision and then accept it.

They can be very interested and ask you to revise it and then submit again.

Also, they can reject you and ask to submit some other paper. It means they liked you as the writer.

Moreover, some journals can advise you to submit your paper to some other journal. It means that your work is not hopeless; it just doesn’t fit their journal.

And do not leave writing. Do not give up. If there was a request for revision, make it as good and fast as you can and try again.