How to Write an Essay

If you are writing your essay for the first time, you, probably, require some help. Here you have few helpful tips to write your own essay.

Getting started

Try to brainstorm three main things for your writing:

  • Your topic.
  • Your auditory
  • Your message

There should be some clear opinion and argument to hook reader’s attention. Try to start with some kind of a plan.


Here comes the brainstorm. You should think hard and fast to supply yourself with ideas you may need in the process of writing. Do not try to write full sentences. You can use only short phrases and words to describe your head idea. This idea needs to be written down, and the entire work should be based on it. From that moment, you can try to find some other words pertaining to your main idea. Also, you write statements you agree and disagree with.


Outline is very important to you as the writer. It is like you are drawing the map of your essay. This route will help you reach success in writing. So, try to make it as clear as it can be. You do not have to write full sentences and avoid mistakes. Just feel free to form it as you like.


You should not worry about this step too much. It is just a draft, and it is not the final essay. At this stage, try everything possible to find your way and your writing style.

Start with your introduction. You can read your main idea for few times to get it clearer. Just make the introduction sentence first. For the first part, you should use statements that you agree with. And the second part is for statements you disagree with.

Here you can start with the introduction paragraphs for the essay. Take the main sentence you already have and add few more to describe your opinion and the entire topic. Don’t forget to offer facts, details, and examples. This will give you the opportunity to convince your reader. And this is your main goal, in fact.

After the body paragraphs are done, you can start with the conclusion. You can mention your main idea from the introduction. Try to be brief and sum up all the ideas you have to make the final strike.

Improving your writing

It is very important to review and revise your paper when it is done. This is the best way to improve your essay. Try to look over your whole work to complete a successful essay. There should be no single point that causes misunderstanding or derailment from the main idea. The order of sentences and words should be chose to sound just perfect.

After revision and editing you should do proofreading. Be careful and focused while checking out your essay. Try to focus as best as you can and remember that the main mistakes always hide in punctuation and grammar.